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2017 Shellback Club

shellback-facebook-winterHere’s how it works:

Neptune’s Shellback Club is our mug club! There are three levels available to choose from, membership is limited, so act fast!  We are offering 175 Shellback memberships for purchase each year; 75 memberships are available at the bronze and sliver levels and 25 memberships at the gold level.  Ever level includes a mug that is re-designed and printed each year.  As a shellback member, each week you will receive a set amount of pre-paid pints included with your membership.  Each membership is offered for period of 365 days from the date of purchase.  One month before your year is up, we’ll ask if you want to review your membership for the next year with a new mug; or give it up and let it go up for purchase (you won’t want to!) Regardless of renewal, you own your mug.  Take a look and decide which membership is right for you!

Each level includes the following Essentials:

Bronze $350

In addition to the Essentials:   2 pints per week (Valued at $500)

Silver $650

In addition to the Essentials:   4 pints per week (Valued at $950)

Gold $1500*

In addition to the Essentials:   7 pints per week, 1 growler fill per week, 10% discount on all food purchases (Valued at $2405)

*Gold membership be shared between 2 members of the same household.
What’s a Shellback? Where did this name come from?
Check out this article for more about how a Pollywog becomes a Shellback and the infamous Line-crossing ceremony.